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Holocene Histories

John T. CullenThe Reading Room (Holocene Histories) Articles of interest in History, Sciences, and such everyday matters as baking a good bread or pizza. For Mysteries, click above.From Clocktower Books. More of these fascinating articles and books are coming your way soon.

click for page on this websiteEssay#01: Our Next Ice Age: Tomorrow Live at Amazon Kindle as we speak. Click for more info on this site plus a Kindle browse/buy link.

Note: History Includes Tomorrow. That's right—the original 2009 article at Fictionwise (now at Kindle, with updates) is a tossup between a History and a Mystery. I chose to make it a History because I myself am only reporting on a fabulous story—earth scientists including meteorologists have laid out the scenario. I'm in my professional role as a journalist and essayist here. Got mittens, anyone?

Coming Soon from Clocktower Books: Essays and Solutions to some of the most baffling mysteries of the Holocene Epoch and beyond